Finding the Light

Finding the Light

Not long ago, while doing the dishes one day, I was listening to Yo-Yo Ma’s unaccompanied cello piece “Prelude.” I had listened to that same piece played by several different performers, and at that moment, I understood why Yo-Yo Ma is so famous. Although I couldn’t see him playing, his radiant love for music was conveyed through his cello melody that he shared with us, and the feeling of dedication––not delaying his heartfelt conclusion until the last 0.1 second of the piece––was transmitted telepathically. And with these emotions, my heart warmed and swelled with joy. Having won 19 Grammy Awards in his lifetime, Yo-Yo Ma is an admirable American artist who exerts a positive influence on the world through music.

While practicing at Harmony Meditation for several years, I have learned much about love, sincerity, and mindfulness, and yet there is still much to learn. I believe that living with and practicing these virtues are the keys to making meaning in our lives. As everyone knows, these virtues are the most basic things, yet we often forget them and find it difficult to maintain them over time.

However, the first step in practicing ‘love,’ ‘sincerity,’ and ‘mindfulness’ starts from within oneself. It begins with true self-awareness and self-acceptance, which the masters have already realized and embraced with their hearts, thus reaping good fruits. In this process, one would have learned patience by way of waiting for oneself, and trust in oneself would have become stronger over time.

When we are in darkness, it is difficult to see form and distinguish colors. But when light shines, we can see things illuminated, and even witness an array of beautiful colors. Love, sincerity, and mindfulness in our seemingly monotonous, black-and-white lives in fact add light to our lives. With them, we can finally express our true colors and understand the true meaning of our existence.

I express deep respect and admiration for all the efforts of the great individuals, from those renowned like Yo-Yo Ma to individuals in our day-to-day lives––those who have made accomplishments and impacts, big and small, in all fields of art, science, humanities, nature, etc., and contributed to life since the beginning of humanity. And I send my deepest gratitude that we are all able to enjoy their achievements together.

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