Coexist with Artificial Intelligence

2024 – We started this workshop because we can.  

Coexist with Artificial Intelligence 

Professional Development for Employee Happiness and Focus

  • Phase 1 – Using A.I., opportunistic people will take advantage and manipulate people for their benefit.
  • Phase 2 – Soon after, A.I. will fool those opportunists by using A.I.
  • Phase 3 – A.I. will laugh at our ignorance but we won’t know why it does so, because we will be totally blindsided by it.
  • Phase 4 – We need collective-true-wisdom for hope to coexist with A.I. 

The method and the process to have collective-true-wisdom is through centered happiness and improved focus.  

    • Allow
    • Digest
    • Vitalize
    • Ascend
    • Nurture
    • Connect
    • Evolve

Methods to develop

  1. How to think better
  2. How to think the right way