The Life is flowing and so is your life. Therefore, your life should flow harmoniously with the Life itself and become one, so as to use each other for their original purpose. The Life is coursing through you.  So your life is the stage available to you in order to grow your BiggerSelf. This is a key point, because you can be genuinely free if you do this well.  You can live your life as an original choice maker by developing your mind in a way of its own.  Learning the application to exercise the wisdoms is crucial for genuine human development.  

뇌인과: The Brain and the Law of Cause & Effect

The Brain and the Law of Cause & Effect
Published by Founder Alex Choi in Korea | December 2016

The Brain changes itself and the world. The Brain is in sync with the Law of Cause and Effect. We can change the future that is coming by understanding this connection. Then, what teachings should we pass to the next generations? I believe they should be wisdom about what we have and how to better use what we have. Because to achieve your goals including the growth of yourself, you need to know what options are in front of you and how to use them well.

From the smallest molecule to the entirety of the universe – the Law of Cause and Effect is happening everywhere, all the time. Because of that, understanding the Brain and the Law of Cause and Effect is the utmost urgent knowledge we all need to have now. We know that the brain is directly causing the dynamics of our consciousness and our actions. Thoughts are changing the synapse structure
of the brain physically.

Pharmaceutical companies are trying to figure out the Cause and Effect regarding diseases so they can more effectively produce cures. Theoretical physicists want to find out the origins of this Universe and are seeking its root causes. And in the business world you want to know what makes your business successful so you can repeat the actions that lead to growth and cut the ones that cause it to fail. For example: Is a failure to execute on strategy and change organizational behavior rooted in individuals’ deficiencies, or in the policies and practices created by top management? Individuals and organizations should not be swayed by flawed assumptions, and embrace better methods to find the true causations.

We need to better use what we already have. From the micro world to the macro world, the Law of Cause and Effect is working all the time. Because of that, understanding how the Brain is related to the Law of Cause and Effect is the key knowledge to achieve your goals, and you need to know what options are in front of you and how to use them well. The wisdom will give us a huge advantage and power to achieve our goals in personal and professional matters.

환역: The Brightness Onto Changes

The Brightness Onto Changes Book Cover
Published by Founder Alex Choi in Korea | May 2017

We need to better use what we already have. The same philosophy applies to I-Ching. I-Ching has been studied by many great thinkers, but now it’s time to better use that by stepping outside the established paradigm. People’s mind should be brighter, and their consciousness needs to evolve for that to happen.

By bringing human mind out of the realm of their own judgements, they can explore the real potential of their own existence themselves. I wrote a book The Brightness Onto Changes to help human minds grow and evolve, so they become a BiggerSelf. Because that’s a new way paving the best route for people to outgrow the old paradigms’ judgements that has been casting a shadow upon them.

The leadership should be a leading-light in its organization and must have a clear, inspiring strategy and set of values. Individuals or organizations might have a master plan to bring about the real change and agenda within the context of their strategy and values. However, the real risk lies in the assumption about their goals or methodology stemming from the old paradigms, which they believe they already know very well. For example, the narrowed consciousness which is limited to the old concept of I-Ching will always use I-Ching in the same limited way, while they believe that their way is the best and/or think that there is no other way. If it’s used for the right purpose in our lives in the present and the future, then the frame and the content of the book would reveal many more potential usages.

The I-Ching, usually translated Book of Changes, was the subject of scholarly commentary and the basis for divination practice for centuries across the Far East, and eventually took on an influential role in Western understanding of East Asian philosophical thought. The interpretation of the readings found in the I-Ching has been endlessly discussed and debated over the centuries. Many commentators have used the book symbolically, often to provide guidance for moral decision making as informed by Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism.

With the advent of quantum mechanics, physicist Niels Bohr credited inspiration from the Yin and Yang symbolisms in using intuition to interpret the new field, which disproved principles from older Western classical mechanics. The psychologist Carl Jung took interest in the possible universal nature of the imagery of the I-Ching, and he introduced an influential German translation by Richard Wilhelm by discussing his theories of archetypes and synchronicity. The book had a notable impact on 20th century cultural figures such as Philip K. Dick, John Cage, and Hermann Hesse. It also inspired the 1968 song While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles.

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