Philosophy of Leadership

Meditating man captures the distant sun at a beach

“You are here at this moment. Everything happens because you are here. You cause everything because you are here. Everything around you can do something with you, because you are here.” – Excerpt from Harmony Meditation

It is a way that guides you to your own mind, so your mind can lead you to its own completion, using your mind and body. When you are using your mind and body together, you are naturally using your body to be able to generate higher levels of energy, so that you can utilize the existing universal energy. 

These two kinds of energy should meet at the right time and position, in optimal condition for proper usage by your mind. Consequently, knowing the right mind, optimal energy condition and position is crucial for genuine human development.

Life is flowing and so is your life.  Therefore, your life should flow harmoniously with Life itself and become one, so as to use each other for their original purpose.  Life is coursing through you.  So your life itself is the most fundamental philosophy and principle available to you in order to live your life as it should be lived.  This is a key point, because you can be genuinely free, if you do this well.  Your life can be lived as the original choice maker by developing your mind in a way of its own.

Philosophy of Mindfulness

“You have yourself so you have hope.” Excerpt from Harmony Meditation

The body becomes healthy and strong, energy purifies itself, and the philosophy penetrates all doubts and disbelief when we practice ZEN Method based on pure philosophical principles. The purpose lies in mental awakening and to live it genuinely. Hence the Mind meets mind and proves it through physical experience.



Philosophy of Well-Being

“All problems originate because you are the you that you have. There are many problems, it’s not your fault, other people can make mistakes, and then that can become your problem as well. Due to your existence and interaction with other people, you have problems when you have you.

So to really solve problems in your life treat a cat or dog. If you give a pet good food and care, they greet you upon arrival and they come to you to share affection. Likewise, if you treat that you within you very well and you train this you, or if you are trained well by you, then at lest you have more peace within.” Excerpt from Harmony Meditation