Let go or be dragged

Let go or be dragged

We become so involved. Every inch of our being is something we want to change because it is all that we are. Uncomfortable feelings? Body image? Intrusive thoughts? ‘Bad’ emotions? We weigh on these experiences and label them. “No, I don’t like that. I must change myself, but how?”

Numb, numb ourselves.

That solves the problem! Stupid and bad emotions, if we keep trying to ignore them and change them they might go away. We must change ourselves. Perhaps a motivational speaker might help me finally get rid of these bad feelings? Or another self help book? Better yet, what about drugs or alcohol?

Going through life by not feeling, that’s the ticket! But wait, now there’s a problem.

Our body becomes so full of unreleased energy that it becomes a garbage bin that never gets emptied. Or like a toilet that never gets flushed.

We must feel the downs to feel the ups. No more downs leads to no more ups.

Sounds like a problem. But that’s what we were supposed to do?

Now what?

Feel. Feel. Feel those uncomfortable feelings. To experience the down is to allow the up. But those feelings are so uncomfortable. Yes! That is where the growth lies. The energy must be felt in order to be set free. It must be felt to release it!

It doesn’t always come at once. The most important ingredient is time. Patience. It isn’t always like a dam breaking. It’s a journey.

We wouldn’t know what good days are if we never had bad days.

Now, those sensations, emotions and thoughts have lost their power. They come and go as we observe them passing. Like clouds in the sky they build, they rain, and then the sun shines once again.

Let go or be dragged. This life is so much bigger than our control. Be okay with the bad, for it brings the good.

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