Find Your Harmony Workshop

Find Your Harmony Now - Zero Balancing, Re-calibration to now. ZEN Method (Zero Enhanced Nothingness)

“Find your Harmony” workshop empowers your team to reach new heights in core areas of connectivity, productivity and creativity. Bringing about this change requires harmonious collaboration from each participant. This workshop provides the tools to understand team dynamics more holistically by reconnecting with personal and professional goals, recalibrating emotional response, and strengthening interpersonal relationships. 

The result is a supercharged and well-connected team that has established deeper trust, enhanced collective resilience and a stronger understanding of each other’s best talents and how they play a role in the workplace. 

We can customize the workshop to meet your specific needs. Here are the 9 steps of Harmony that we can aim for the success in your life and organization.

Find your Harmony Mission Statement 1st To feel comfortable in and become one with your body 2nd To live your life as part of a whole 3rd To let your body flow in line with your intentions 4th To manage your emotions and thoughts harmoniously 5th To keep your mind aligned with your body and soul 6th To let your mind guide your life to recover your true essence as a human 7th To have the Harmony within you direct how you react to outside influences. 8th To let your life complete its journey towards becoming the being you are meant to be 9th To live as a whole entity anywhere.

Find Your Harmony – Workplace

Provides tools, approaches and experience to address the prevalent and current high need area for community, connectedness and team/workplace productivity. According to recent Guest Essay by the Surgeon General in the New York Times online Opinion section –

“When people are socially disconnected, their risk of anxiety and depression increases. So does their risk of heart disease (29 percent), dementia (50 percent), and stroke (32 percent).” and “Social disconnection is associated with reduced productivity in the workplace, worse performance in school, and diminished civic engagement. When we are less invested in one another, we are more susceptible to polarization and less able to pull together to face the challenges that we cannot solve alone…” 

Murthy, Vivek H., “Surgeon General: We Have Become a Lonely Nation. It’s Time to Fix That.” New York Times, April 30, 2023,