Brain: The Law of Cause and Effect. Mind is a Muscle

Open letter from the founder Alex Choi


I believe you are a person who:
  1. feels empathy towards others
  2. looks for solutions rather than arguments
  3. sacrifices your time and energy for the values you hold dear
  4. aspires to be your best, although you may not know exactly how 
  5. intuitively understands that competition with others is unnecessary, whereas competition with oneself can be rewarding
Do these statements resonate with you? 
If so, you are the kind of person who needs more tangible success as well as spiritual success. And therefore you are a person I can help to grow, because you inherited a deep consciousness that encompasses empathy and spirituality from your BiggerSelf.

Alone we have limited success, but when we team up with other spiritually intellectual people we can make real changes for ourselves and the world.

I want you to have the opportunity to engage in a community that has accumulated a higher spiritual consciousness, energy, and purpose. 

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Thank you so much!

Find Your Harmony Workshop

Find Your Harmony Now - Zero Balancing, Re-calibration to now. ZEN Method (Zero Enhanced Nothingness)
On the journey to Find Your Harmony, the skill of Zero Balancing will be your best friend.

Find Your Harmony workshop empowers your team to reach new heights in core areas of connectivity, productivity and creativity. Bringing about this change requires harmonious collaboration from each participant. This workshop provides the tools to understand team dynamics more holistically by reconnecting with personal and professional goals, recalibrating emotional response, and strengthening interpersonal relationships.

The result is a supercharged and well-connected team that has established deeper trust, enhanced collective resilience and a stronger understanding of each other’s best talents and how they play a role in the workplace.

Mindfulness Workshop

Harmony Meditation Book Cover
Harmony Meditation
Available on Amazon

Learn how to overcome the feeling of being stuck in your life and reconnect with your goals. Learn to be in charge of your life, without feeling tossed around by waves of emotions and challenges.

Mindfulness directed toward Mental SELF-defense will allow you to reconnect with an unexploited self in you, which acts hidden from your normal conscious awareness as a bigger and better Self, very much like a CEO of you.

BiggerSelf Leadership Workshop

Biggerself Leadership - Courage comes from courageous action. Face yourself.
Mind is a Muscle Book Cover
Mind is a Muscle: Leadership to Better Use Everything
Available on Amazon

The Leadership Program For Self-Innovation and Forward-Thinking!

Learn how to think like a successful leader and innovator: Successful leaders are ahead of the game, and they do not just think bigger and get it done, they also continue to innovate themselves and improve prior advancements!

True Leaders bring out the best in others through being an example; they inspire and lead the way. Yes, by engaging the CEO of you, you can engage your inbuilt system that thinks ahead and beyond current limits and perceived boundaries.

What makes us different

The following is an excerpt from the book “Mind is a Muscle” –

I told the Neo-Cortex, “Relax.”  He told me back, “It’s none of your business.”  I said, “You need a better Work/Life balance.”  He said, “I need to be better and better in every situation.”  I said, “You have less than 100 years.”  I made him breathe in and breathe out until he understood the context.  To me it was all about saving him and his world, just like two birds with one stone.

Oh, Bird!
Yes, Sky.
I want you to live free in my heart.
Me as well. But, I also need trees.
Oh, Sky!
Yes, Bird.
I am scared of Neo flying too fast.
Oh, Bird! I am sorry, I am so sorry.
I can’t close myself against him selectively.
I can offer more open space for you all in your heart.

What our clients are saying


"The immediate feedback I received from the team was very positive; I would love to run a similar session or workshop in the future."
- Stress Management Session November 2022

Bristol Myers Squibb

Local Projects

"Master Alex was able to take complicated ideas and turn them into simple exercises that allowed for a comfortable pathway into mindfulness. He was able to help a team of busy multitaskers to remember how to be present and breathe for a moment. We are all still referencing his activities and memorable anecdotes. Our whole team would highly recommend his workshops to anyone who needs a pivot into clearer thinking."

Bristol Myers Squibb
B-Now BMS Network of Women

Silence Therapeutics

"The goal was to relieve stress and enable employees to become more flexible, both physically and mentally. He introduced simple yet effective techniques that can be easily continued during a break or at home. The overall response for the three days was very positive. We obtained positive feedback how good people felt after both the Meditation sessions. Since then the group structure/ dynamics in the Company has been positively influenced in terms of interactions between employees and increased communication between different departments.”
–The event organizer

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