Who we are

Grandmaster Alexander J. Choi is the founder owner and author of Harmony Meditation. For over 20 years, he has served as an enlightened mentor and advisor to those interested in learning and applying timeless principles for human development. After a career in the corporate sector as chemical engineer he found his true calling in spreading the genuine mechanisms of finding your truest Self and human completion. From an early age he wondered about the purpose of his existence and began to explore the truth about human life. The pursuit of finding answers would lead him to attain spiritual enlightenment. This occurred not in a secluded mountain area, but while living his regular life. He specializes in engineering human connectivity to help people build a new home within themselves to achieve goals and success.

This book teaches us how to better use the options we have: brain and consciousness, thoughts and emotions, health and relationships, mind and Bigger mind, and life and The Life.

That is the most important knowledge to achieve your goals including the growth of yourself.

What we do

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Selfless Leadership

The Leadership Program To Innovate What Matters The Most The Selfless Leadership program is based on ZEN Method and represents the most advanced program for developing a …

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Bigger Self Leadership

Learn how to think like a successful leader and innovator: To not just think bigger and get it done, but also continue to innovate yourself and improve upon prior advancements!

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Mental Self Defense

Learn how to overcome the feeling of being stuck in your life and reconnect with your goals. Learn to be in charge of your life, …

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What makes us different

The following is an excerpt from upcoming book “Mind is a Muscle” –

I told the Neo-Cortex, “Relax.”  He told me back, “It’s none of your business.”  I said, “You need a better Work/Life balance.”  He said, “I need to be better and better in every situation.”  I said, “You have less than 100 years.”  I made him breathe in and breathe out until he understood the context.  To me it was all about saving him and his world, just like two birds with one stone.

Oh, Bird!
Yes, Sky.
I want you to live free in my heart.
Me as well. But, I also need trees.
Oh, Sky!
Yes, Bird.
I am scared of Neo flying too fast.
Oh, Bird! I am sorry, I am so sorry.
I can’t close myself against him selectively.
I can offer more open space for you all in your heart.

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What our clients are saying

Bristol Myers Squibb

Local Projects

"Master Alex was able to take complicated ideas and turn them into simple exercises that allowed for a comfortable pathway into mindfulness. He was able to help a team of busy multitaskers to remember how to be present and breathe for a moment. We are all still referencing his activities and memorable anecdotes. Our whole team would highly recommend his workshops to anyone who needs a pivot into clearer thinking."

Bristol Myers Squibb
B-Now BMS Network of Women

Silence Therapeutics

"The goal was to relieve stress and enable employees to become more flexible, both physically and mentally. He introduced simple yet effective techniques that can be easily continued during a break or at home. The overall response for the three days was very positive. We obtained positive feedback how good people felt after both the Meditation sessions. Since then the group structure/ dynamics in the Company has been positively influenced in terms of interactions between employees and increased communication between different departments.”
–The event organizer