Roman Lavrov


Selfless Leadership

The Leadership Program To Innovate What Matters The Most The Selfless Leadership program is based on ZEN Method and represents the most advanced program for developing a genuine self-innovation platform within individuals, who want to bring out the best in themselves and others. At times, when you’re considering escaping the box of entrapments of your cravings, burdens, …

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Bigger Self Leadership

Learn how to think like a successful leader and innovator: To not just think bigger and get it done, but also continue to innovate yourself and improve upon prior advancements!

Meditating man

Mental Self Defense

Learn how to overcome the feeling of being stuck in your life and reconnect with your goals. Learn to be in charge of your life, without feeling tossed around by waves of emotions and challenges. Mental SELF-defense will allow you to reconnect with an unexploited self in you, which acts hidden from your normal conscious awareness …

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