” The workshop was a very nice gentle reminder that you don’t have to reach out so much as you have to reground yourself. If you are grounded then you can give out your best self, you can hear what people are actually saying vs reacting. This [workshop] is teaching how to use what you already know in the best way possible.” 

“Great workshop for leaders and I would recommend this to our leads at the VP level as well.”

“More sessions like this to help people feel confident, calm, satisfied. I’ve listened to his podcast almost daily in the past week.” 

” The goal was to relieve stress and enable employees to become more flexible, both physically and mentally.  He introduced simple yet effective techniques that can be easily continued during a break or at home.  The overall response for the three days was very positive. We obtained positive feedback how good people felt after both the Meditation sessions. Since then the group structure/ dynamics in the Company has been positively influenced in terms of interactions between employees and increased communication between different departments.”                 – The event organizer



    review rating 5  I got the gateless gate workshop as a gift from my partner. I recommend this workshop to anyone willimg to open their minds, to exercise and meditate. It is a great workshop to be present within yourself. I was a great time spent. The place is located near the station with accessible parking.

    thumb liz carvalho

    review rating 5  It’s hard to describe in words. The atmosphere evokes a sense of calm and serenity. It’s peaceful and also productive. Master Alex is wonderful! If you are seeking truth and are ready for it to catapult you to the next level, then Master Alex will get you there. I asked my nine year-old if he had to say something about Master Alex what would it be? His response was, he is nice and a really good teacher! I agree.

    thumb Michele Stamatiou

    review rating 5  I have had a profound experience at Harmony Meditation. Grandmaster Choi has guided me towards great insights into the way my mind operates. I am learning to play a more active, constructive role in my own thoughts and behaviors. I recommend Harmony Meditation to anyone who would like to learn methods for relaxation, stress relief and increased self awareness.

    thumb Kevin O

    review rating 5  Found the place online and went to give it a try. Signed up right away with the nice coaches and their kind attitude, plus the tranquil place to reflect while practice. Enjoying it.

    thumb Susan Cui

    review rating 5  This an amazing place. The entire operation is well thought out and supports their goals of harmony, stress reduction and mindfulness. The tai chi lessons are both a good exercise class and an introduction to new movements and challenges. If you have never done tai chi, you will find it different from other exercise routines and the staff here are skilled at leading you along. They never make you feel as though you cannot do it. I wish I discovered them when I was working at stressful jobs!

    thumb Al Ramey

    review rating 5  I have taken private meditation lessons at Harmony Meditation for three weeks now. It’s only been three lessons, how ever, the results of meditation can be felt. I feel much, much calmer, less agitated, clearer – for lack of a better word I want to say, I feel, free. The techniques taught to me have made my mind and body more stable, I certainly need more practice, nonetheless, this has been an upward positive experience. I do not want to describe my personal reason for seeking meditation, but I will say this; the mental and physical balance I have reached through meditation is priceless. Thank you Mr. Choi for your help and thank you Harmony Meditation.

    thumb Franco H

    review rating 5  I have just completed three, one on one sessions with Master Choi, and as a result my perception of my life and how I live it has completely changed. The practice with Master Choi employed meditation, breathwork and energy work to teach me how to better manage my thoughts and really learn how to release old ways of thinking, that were really holding me back. I now have many tools to move me forward that help me to stop the mind chatter, and manage my emotions in a very calm and clear way. Master Choi is the real deal as a spiritual teacher, and a powerful conduit for deep transformation.

    thumb Zina Canton