review rating 4  The techniques that they teach there for relaxation and calming down really work. They just require practice to keep the effects going. The atmosphere there is really one of a kind. It's hard to replicate that relaxing feeling that the place gives off back at at home.

    thumb Charles Louis

    review rating 5  I started taking weekly private meditation lessons during the midst of a health crisis. Each week I learn more about the mind-body connection and gain techniques to practice at home. Grand Master Alex tailored the sessions to my situation with the goal at the end being self-sufficiency: that after teaching, I will be able to take care of myself in the future. I am still on this path but I have benefited greatly from the guidance, mind-training, and practice over the last few months.

    thumb Mook Bangalore

    review rating 5  It's hard to describe in words. The atmosphere evokes a sense of calm and serenity. It's peaceful and also productive. Master Alex is wonderful! If you are seeking truth and are ready for it to catapult you to the next level, then Master Alex will get you there. I asked my nine year-old if he had to say something about Master Alex what would it be? His response was, he is nice and a really good teacher! I agree.

    thumb Michele Stamatiou

    review rating 5  I have taken private meditation lessons at Harmony Meditation for three weeks now. It's only been three lessons, how ever, the results of meditation can be felt. I feel much, much calmer, less agitated, clearer - for lack of a better word I want to say, I feel, free. The techniques taught to me have made my mind and body more stable, I certainly need more practice, nonetheless, this has been an upward positive experience. I do not want to describe my personal reason for seeking meditation, but I will say this; the mental and physical balance I have reached through meditation is priceless. Thank you Mr. Choi for your help and thank you Harmony Meditation.

    thumb Franco H

    review rating 5  Wonderful experience. Teachers are knowledgable, helpful and caring. They truly seem to want to help you find your purpose for being there.

    thumb Ann Marie Sullivan

    review rating 5  I got the gateless gate workshop as a gift from my partner. I recommend this workshop to anyone willimg to open their minds, to exercise and meditate. It is a great workshop to be present within yourself. I was a great time spent. The place is located near the station with accessible parking.

    thumb liz carvalho

    review rating 5  AWESOME IN PERSON AND ONLINE I first went to Harmony Meditation for a private meditation session with Master Alex Choi on my birthday in February of this year when I turned 41. I had been "dabbling" in meditation myself and was hoping to get some formal instruction from someone who was knowledgeable. To say that Master Alex is "knowledgeable" would be a gross understatement. I was going to weekly private "in person" sessions since February 1st (about 5 or 6 sessions) and now started doing Group Online Classes with Master Alex 3x per week in the mornings. I was hesitant at first to do the online classes out of thinking it wouldn't translate well but I WAS WRONG. I honestly doesn't feel much different at all from being in the studio with Alex. As a mental health clinician for children, teens and young adults, I refer clients to Harmony Meditation regularly and would highly recommend the current online sessions for anyone feeling a bit overwhelmed in these crazy times. John Mopper, LPC Owner Blueprint Mental Health

    thumb Blueprint Mental Health