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ZEN (Zero Enhanced Nothingness) Method


Mutual  trust and effective communication are cornerstones for successful teamwork and innovation.

    • While this is well known, still many dysfunctional teams or teams of multi-disciplinary composition are in dire need of improving these to achieve their goals.
    • However, lack of trust and communication may only be the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and in fact constitute secondary effects, while the actual issue is hidden from your awareness residing underneath the surface in the subconscious terrain.
    • Unless tackling the root cause directly, secondary problems like insufficient trust and communication cannot be addressed effectively.

If you want to boost your own and your team’s success, improve mutual trust and communication and make sure that any deeper-rooted issue comes to the surface and is resolved, this course and its outcome will exceed your expectations. You will acquire easy-to-implement methods for continued practice, and you will feel inspired to continue on your own and learn more. 




Workshop Outline

    • We have tailored tools and ‘diagnostic biomarkers’ so-to-speak in place that let you go to the bottom of any issue and pinpoint the underlying root cause.
    • Learn success-proven methods allowing to release emotional or habitual restraints, lend support to yourself and others and engage for overcoming your limitations and what is blocking you from seeing clearly.
    • Experience extraordinary and lasting results by releasing hidden doubt and fear, addressing the root cause and eliminating secondary issues including, but not limited to, defunct trust and communication.
    • Practice how by supporting your own self-interests you can benefit a bigger purpose and support team goals.