What our clients are saying

Mindfulness for Well-being and Leadership Development

November 2021

“…helped me understand how to grow into becoming a selfless leader with the right balance of being and ability. I truly benefitted from it and will treasure the experience.”

“… Extremely impactful … I found the last session extremely engaging and I am sure this will be very impactful for a long time.”

Mindfulness Stress Management Workshop

November 2021

“…very good points about how stress comes about and what can we do to manage it.”

“The simple techniques introduced allowed me to re-connect with my busy mind and boosted my mood tremendously.”

Mindfulness for Well-being and Leadership Development

October 2021

“I got valuable insights into the power of listening to my own needs, and my mind’s.”

Mindfulness Stress Management Workshop

June 2021

“It felt like a little get-away for my mind, in the middle of a hectic day.”

“…very valuable and learnt some key techniques to let me ‘pause’ and be mindful to better handle work stresses and achieve better balance…” 

Focus on Stress Management & Self-rejuvenation Workshop

Feb/March 2021

” I will claim that Grandmaster Alex’s mindfulness training was the most eye-opening two-hour session that I have ever had at BMS.”

“Master Alex was able to take complicated ideas and turn them into simple exercises that allowed for a comfortable pathway into mindfulness. He was able to help a team of busy multitaskers to remember how to be present and breathe for a moment. We are all still referencing his activities and memorable anecdotes. Our whole team would highly recommend his workshops to anyone who needs a pivot into clearer thinking. “

Exhibition and Media Design Firm New York, NY

” The workshop was a very nice gentle reminder that you don’t have to reach out so much as you have to reground yourself. If you are grounded then you can give out your best self, you can hear what people are actually saying vs reacting. This [workshop] is teaching how to use what you already know in the best way possible.” 

“Great workshop for leaders and I would recommend this to our leads at the VP level as well.”

“More sessions like this to help people feel confident, calm, satisfied. I’ve listened to his podcast almost daily in the past week.” 


” The goal was to relieve stress and enable employees to become more flexible, both physically and mentally.  He introduced simple yet effective techniques that can be easily continued during a break or at home.  The overall response for the three days was very positive. We obtained positive feedback how good people felt after both the Meditation sessions. Since then the group structure/ dynamics in the Company has been positively influenced in terms of interactions between employees and increased communication between different departments.”                 – The event organizer