Online Sessions


Online session is great for those who are not in close proximity or who want to stay at private space. Our master teachers are able to offer Online Meditation via Zoom or Skype

The following is required:

  1.  A strong, stable internet connection
  2.  Zoom or  Skype Installed with camera, speakers or headphones and microphone
  3. Be yourself


Fee: $200 ($50 0ff, Newcomer Special)

Give us a call or email to schedule your session or to get more info.


The Q&A from enlightened teachers:

Master Wuzu said, “When you meet a master on the path, do not meet him with words or in silence. Tell me, how will you meet him?”

Master Pacho said to the assembly, “If you have your staff, I will give you my staff as well. If you have no staff, I will take it from you.” 

– The gateless gate

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