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Mindfulness for well-being and leadership development

Dates:  Virtual One-Day Workshop

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Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST (lunch break 12 – 1pm)



The 2022 Mindfulness for well-being and leadership development workshop will focus on the following:

1.  High quality information to understand what mindfulness is and how it works. This goes beyond the five senses and observation of your body and breath. This is critical because effective and lasting solutions for recurrent stress are simply not possible without finding the root cause.

2.  Application and practice of mindfulness in order to grow and thrive professionally and personally. Participants establish new ways of thinking, feeling, and living through direct application of the training. During the conference, sufficient time will be provided to experience the benefits of easy-to-follow methods. 


3.  Get Inspired to use mindfulness in your daily life to reach new heights and deeper insights by experiencing the true meaning of being in the now. Supercharge, refresh and open up innovative thinking and heartfelt communication.



Who should attend

Anyone looking to develop their technical, leadership, and interpersonal capabilities by reaching inward rather than outward. A journey from within, coupled with an open mind and the tools learned in the workshop, unlocks the enormous potential of a Bigger Self.


About the instructor

The workshop is conducted by Grandmaster Alexander Choi, who after his enlightenment devoted his life to guiding others in combining personal, professional and spiritual growth and development. A former successful chemical engineer, he is also a founder of Harmony Meditation, inventor of meditation techniques and author of CDs and books published in several languages. 



Workshop format

Think of the workshop as a mini-retreat for the mind and body, which will leave you refreshed and recharged. The time in the workshop will be split between listening, practicing meditation techniques in sitting and standing positions, as well as restful guided meditation lying down. 

Please wear comfortable clothing for free movement. 



Register Now 

Registration fee: USD $1250.  Payment in full is required at least 7 days prior to the workshop. Please inquire about a group discount and a company workshop at info@harmonymeditation.com Register Here

All attendees must register for the workshop. Cancellations received within 7 days prior to the chosen date will be fully refunded.  Cancellations requested less than 6 days prior to the chosen date will be refunded minus a $100 cancellation fee.  Harmony Meditation reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any meeting with insufficient participation.


What people are saying

 “I will claim that Grandmaster Alex’s mindfulness training was the most eye-opening two-hour session that I have ever had at my company.” 

“… very valuable and learnt some key techniques to let me ‘pause’ and be mindful to better handle work stresses and achieve better balance… “

“I got valuable insights into the power of listening to my own needs, and my mind’s.”

“It felt like a little get-away for my mind, in the middle of a hectic day.” 


“… helped me understand how to grow into becoming a selfless leader with the right balance of being and ability. I truly benefitted from it and will treasure the experience.”