An excerpt from the workshop 'MindisaMuscle' for leaders delivered virtually in June 2020 to BMS (Bristol-Myers Squibb) Co. in accordance with CDC guidelines due to COVID-19 restrictions.


Learn to use a mechanism and philosophy that frees us from within. If the truth lies in front of us and within us, how do we acknowledge and utilize its full potential? Master using this powerful tool of truth for your benefit, and the benefit of others as well. 

Who We Are

Grandmaster Alexander J. Choi is the founder owner and author of Harmony Meditation. For over 20 years, he has served as an enlightened mentor and advisor to those interested in learning and applying timeless principles for human development. After a career in the corporate sector as chemical engineer he found his true calling in spreading the genuine mechanisms of finding your truest Self and human completion.

From an early age he wondered about the purpose of his existence and began to explore the truth about human life. The pursuit of finding answers would lead him to attain spiritual enlightenment. This occurred not in a secluded mountain area, but while living his regular life.



 What makes us different?

Grandmaster Choi’s unconventional path comes as a unique advantage being an inventor and teacher of meditation techniques for the development of current and the next generation leaders through mindful, heartful and powerful training. Spiritual development is fundamentally linked to personal and professional development and human development as a whole.

He is currently a teacher and guide of professionals, who through his training successfully advanced their careers, were awarded promotions or reinvented themselves. His trainees excel by thinking better, bigger and getting results! And this is just the beginning…



What is the basis of our success?

Being a self-made entrepreneur, Alexander J. Choi combines professionalism and the enlightenment to guide self- and business leaders for enriching their personal and professional lives. He is the founder of Harmony Meditation, inventor of ZEN Method and Mental Self Defense and other meditation techniques, and an author of CDs and books published in several languages. He specializes in teaching the principles of enlightenment and exemplifies that enlightenment is a power-tool for leaders: Successful leaders never stop re-inventing themselves and grow with each new challenge.