A Workshop For Stress Management and Self rejuvenation


Workshop participants learn through firsthand experience and practice methods to garner positive results and build productive habits toward stress management and self rejuvenation. 

Workshop Summary: 

    • The session introduces the mindfulness techniques and strategies
    • The following session includes time for Q&A; to fine-tune the approaches learned in the first session, which encourages deeper practice of the techniques. 

Did you know you have an inner CEO?! Yes, one who is in charge of controlling your thoughts, emotions, relationships, and health; who directly influences how you manage your life, personally and professionally. Your inner CEO is likely to be overworked and in need of rejuvenation, just as much as you are. Taking a break-a refreshing time out for mind, body and spirit, can make you and your inner CEO far more effective as a leader. 

The “Mindfulness” workshops, which consist of lectures, physical exercise, experiential meditation and self-practice to recognize what is the source of stress. Participants will develop an individualized approach for growing and nurturing the leader within. The course will include practical methods for continued practice to reinforce and expand upon what has been learned. 

The workshop is conducted by Grandmaster Alexander Choi, who after his enlightenment devoted his life to guiding others in combining personal, professional and spiritual growth and development. A Former successful chemical engineer, he is also a founder of Harmony Meditation, inventor of meditation techniques and author of CDs and books published in several languages.