Meditating man

Mental Self Defense

Learn how to overcome the feeling of being stuck in your life and reconnect with your goals. Learn to be in charge of your life, without feeling tossed around by waves of emotions and challenges.

Mental SELF-defense will allow you to reconnect with an unexploited self in you, which acts hidden from your normal conscious awareness as a bigger and better Self, very much like a CEO of you.

This CEO of you can direct your emotions, thoughts, relationships, physical and spiritual health, thus influencing how you manage your life personally and professionally. Mental SELF-defense protects and empowers the CEO of you for better decision making, living the life you want and reaching your goals.

  • Practicing mental SELF-defense allows you to go beyond the limitations of your perceived self and become your real SELF.
  • Continued practice of mental SELF-defense protects your real SELF from habitual thoughts, emotions, and inertia caused by them.
  • Empower your real SELF and build-up immunity against distractions from inside and outside for staying the course.

Ultimately, with continued training mental SELF-defense will allow the CEO of you to revolutionize your way of thinking, turn your life around and lead you on the path to human completion. This step represents a quantum leap in your physical, mental and spiritual existence towards finding the truest-self that already exists in you.

The time is now to reignite your passion, power and purpose for who you really are and what you really want to achieve.