Mind is a muscle

The method to think better and get it done

Yes, you do have the CEO of you.
The CEO of you is in charge of controlling and harmonizing your emotions, thoughts, relationships, health and spiritual identity. Each of those influences how you manage your life, personally and professionally.

How can you support the CEO of you in making the most effective decisions that enable you to reach your goals on time?

Communicating efficiently with the CEO of you is vital for him/her to devise the optimal approach for how to implement his/her vision for you. In turn, you can support the CEO of you in his/her efforts to empower and direct you by providing a CEO-performance boosting retreat. The CEO of you may be overworked and in need of rejuvenation, just as much as you are. A successful CEO needs to develop and implement a vision with ambitious, yet achievable short, medium and long-term goals for sustainable success: Your success as a leader is advertisement for his/her own success and ability as a CEO. Being successful under the CEO’s direction will enhance mutual trust and affirm the value of your mutual agreement.

Not all professionals and managers take a personal retreat seriously though, despite the financial and time investment. When you love what you do and are passionate about your job, taking a break – a refreshing time-out for mind, body and spirit, can make you as well as the CEO of you become more effective as leaders individually and as a team.

Harmony Meditation now offers training specialized for fine-tuning your system’s breathing, five-senses and self-awareness through the power of meditation and chakra opening and purifying. Give the CEO of you, and in this manner yourself, this personal retreat and you will return to yourself and what you really want to achieve. Your daily life will be enriched by an enhanced you, having a better and clearer mind with renewed energy to accomplish tasks and milestones in a faster turn-around time. You will experience the wisdom and power and the lasting effects of “Mind is a muscle. Emotion is a muscle. Energy is a muscle”.

The CEO of you will be empowered to upgrade his/her vision and direct himself/ herself, and therefore you, more effectively as a result. That rejuvenated CEO of you is one, who will serve your needs as a leader with an accelerated pace. Isn’t that what you had intended in the first place? The time is now to reignite your inner passion, power and purpose for who you are and what you do. You will atttain the following skills:

  • How to think better with purpose
  • How to restore power for inner peace
  • How to execute the genuine Mindfulness with work

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at mindisamuscle@Gmail.com or Call 908-232-2377.