Corporate Workshop

The 3 steps Leadership Program: Self Leadership, Bigger Self Leadership, Selfless Leadership

Who we are:

Grandmaster Johwa Choi comes from a successful professional background in the corporate sector, and after his spiritual enlightenment he reinvented himself to become a founder, author and an innovator in advancing human development. His unconventional career path comes as a unique advantage as a trainer and inventor of meditation techniques and guide for personal and professional growth. He successfully actualizes the time-tested benefits of meditation and TaiChi for developing modern time leaders and self-innovators.

What makes us different?

As self-made entrepreneur, Grandmaster Choi is uniquely qualified for educating and guiding current and future leaders. He is a teacher and guide of professionals, who through training with him, have successfully implemented strategic career and job changes or were awarded promotions and escalating positions. His trainees excel by thinking better, bigger and getting results! And this is just the beginning….

What is the basis of our success?

Johwa Choi combines corporate professionalism and spiritual enlightenment to guide self- and business leaders for enriching their personal and professional lives. He is the founder of Harmony Meditation, inventor of ZEN Method and Mental Self Defense and other meditation techniques, and an author of CDs and books published in several languages. He specializes in teaching enlightenment for leaders and exemplifies himself that enlightenment is for leaders: Successful leaders continue to re-invent themselves and grow with each new challenge.